Aspirational empowerment programme

Empowering girls to enjoy and become all they are capable of as first-class young citizens and remarkable young women. Time to Shine is built on a series of empowerment sessions to help girls learn and understand the experiences and feelings they may encounter, along with some of the stereotypes they might be faced with on the way.





Real, funny and thought provoking

Centred around a story that is sure to resonate with the circumstances and situations young girls often find themselves in, the modules then explore powerful life themes with girls at a key chapter and impressionable stage in their development. Seeking to help girls maximise on the enjoyment of their teenage years, consider their principles and build ambition for the women they will become.

The programme seeks build the confidence to not hide their light and consider the impact of social media on their lives. As well as leadership, the importance of looking beyond our immediate circles, the reality of self imposed gender perceptions and building an understanding the impact of hormones both now and in the future.

Topics are addressed with a level of humour and reality to make the sessions highly appropriate and accessible.

-Nelson Mandela

“Your playing small does not serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.”

Module themes

Modules cover a range of topics, each key to the development and growth of young women:

Power of relationships, networks and why asking questions will change your life
Power of equality & reality of gender perceptions that we layer on ourselves
Power of hormones and how having awareness can change the game
Power of your brand and the impact of ‘what you put out there’
Never waiting to shine – playing small does not serve the world.
Understanding your role in your own life as a leader

Time to Shine package includes:

6 module narrated powerpoint presentations

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Reflection activities

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Access to network and best practice sharing

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