When you stop learning, you stop growing

Our Company

Our company experience in direct school leadership and whole sector support has moulded our vision and direction for enhancing the opportunities for our teachers and young people. Keeping it simple and improving outcomes for all.

Progress in every step

Building on over 25 years experience supporting the sector, our programmes are carefully designed for teachers, by teachers and education specialists to support key areas of learning by bringing energy, simplicity and innovation.

Our range of training and resources reflect the evolving needs of the education sector and are continuously adapted to align with latest practice, trends of young people and the expectations on teachers time and focus. Each of our programmes provide practitioners with the tools, guidance and support needed to hit the ground running and recreate the learning experience back at school with confidence.

Evolution Learning is committed to continuous growth and development alongside our teachers, our children and the sector we support.




Created for teachers, by teachers!

Evolution Learning Ltd was established in 2021 against the backdrop of a shared vision of lightening teacher workload and creating practical, holistic and meaningful mechanisms of support. Evolution Learning has developed a range of relevant, high impact, engaging and innovative programmes that provide practical support to teachers in their day to day delivery. 

We believe in creating opportunities for our next generation and are delighted to be active in the D2N2 DRIVEN project – creating opportunities for graduates to gain practical experience in a fast paced, evolving, vibrant organisation.

We believe that every day is a school day!

“Any worthwhile conversation starts with listening”. – Simon Sinek

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