Bringing maths to life

Retention and Attainment through Dynamic Maths (RAD Maths) is an active and immersive approach that concentrates on increasing engagement and reducing maths anxiety through participation in active and exciting activities and learning experiences. Using a memorable and positive approach, RAD Maths solidifies the underpinning skills needed to engage with the wider maths curriculum.

 Builds underpinning knowledge

Supports retention & recall

   Reduces maths anxiety

Intervention or whole class

RAD Maths is ideal for introducing new curriculum objectives from Year 1 through to Year 6 and helping embed underpinning knowledge and key components of maths. Ideal for practitioners supporting the teaching and learning of maths across KS1 & 2.

Gain access to over 50 lesson plans covering a wide range of NC Objectives that are scalable across the year groups. Activities include Fraction Alley, Division Dash, Hooray for Arrays, Going the Distance and more. Practitioners leave RAD Maths training with the tools and resources needed to feel confident in their delivery.

Training Programme ideal for:

Teachers & Learning Support Assistants
Intervention & whole class teaching
Increasing pupil confidence & engagement
Introducing RAD Maths Champions to your school

of pupils say their maths skills and confidence increased following rad maths sessions

RAD Maths Champions

As a part of RAD Maths training, practitioners gain access to the full RAD Maths Champions programme, a pupil-led initiative that builds additional opportunities for children to play with the subject and build their maths skills outside of the classroom.

Your pupil champions, made up of both expert and novice learners, will facilitate engaging and relevant activities during lunch times, supporting their peers to gain a deeper and adaptable understanding of the subject.

RAD Maths is great for schools that seek to embed a positive and enthusiastic maths culture across the school and bring an exciting and impactful approach to addressing key maths concepts for all of our learners. 

Champions are brilliant at:

Creating a positive maths culture
Building pupil leaders of maths
Increasing maths visibility and pupil engagement
Building a love of maths

I enjoyed RAD Maths! I left the lesson feeling like I get it!

Cora B, ages 9

Training Includes:

Introduction to RAD Maths

Framework and lesson plan templates

A little science, research and evidence

50+ lesson plans scalable across the key stages

On going support and access to network

Full access RAD Maths Champions Programme

How to book

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£140 +VAT

In-School Training

£420 +VAT

RAD Maths Champions

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