Before the bell rings

This training helps teachers and support staff develop their confidence in using effective and well-proven approaches, to engage and motivate pupils, with a focus on supporting pupils who struggle to engage and push against boundaries. Aiming to reduce the impact of behaviour on learning time, reduce exclusions and promote inclusion, 5 boxes of behaviour allow staff to look at how they, as individuals, can impact on the behaviour of each pupil, the classroom and whole school culture.







Building deeper self-awareness and enhanced understanding of how you directly support and guide behaviour, through preparation and resilience, teachers and learning support staff leave this training with the understanding and tools needed to positively impact behaviour in their school

Reflecting the latest research and evidence, the 5 Boxes recognise the reality of being ‘inside the classroom’ and considers a holistic approach to improve behaviour. Practitioners leave the training with the guidance and transferable tools needed to make a positive impact on behaviour in both their and the wider setting.

5 Boxes of Behaviour helps understand how your physical and mental readiness directly impacts on classroom behaviour as well as the who, what, why’s and where’s of building an effective learning environment to support pupils.

Training is ideal for:

Supporting pupils from Foundation to KS2
ECT’s, Teachers and Learning Support
Behaviour Management

Reducing the impact of behaviour on learning time, reducing exclusion & promoting inclusion


Your role within the context of behaviour

Learning environment and its impact on behaviour

School culture and how it supports behaviour

Resilience…it’s every day + a day

Management techniques and take-away tools

The importance of the classroom environment

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£160 +VAT

In-School Training

£580 +VAT

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