Building a positive maths culture

RAD Maths Champions are a great way to build additional opportunities for children to understand the subject, apply knowledge and build maths skills outside the classroom.

Building young maths leaders

Supports novice and expert learners

Celebrating achievement

Great for promoting peer to peer support!

RAD Maths Champions is a pupil – led programme facilitating the engagement in relevant activities during lunch times, supporting their peers to gain a deeper and adaptable understanding of the subject.

RAD Maths Champions pack provides schools with all they need to recruit Champions, identify key topics and adapt RAD Maths lessons into simple and accessible ‘small steps’ session for Champions. This holistic approach helps make maths visible across the school through pupil leadership, celebration and rewards for engagement and participation. 

RAD Maths is great for schools that seek to embed a positive and proactive maths culture and bring an exciting and impactful approach to addressing key maths concepts for our struggling learners. 

RAD Maths Champions is great for:

Creating a positive maths culture
Building pupil leadership
Addressing key maths concepts
Supporting novice and expert learners

Building maths leadership across your school

RAD Maths Champions Programme provides:

How to be a great RAD Maths Champion intro video

Roll out framework, guidance and structure

50+ Lesson plans to get Champions started

Weekly challenges, badges and awards

Certificates for celebrating leadership and engagement

Celebration in assembly guidance and framework

How to book

Central Training

£140 +VAT

Champion Package only

£100 +VAT

In-School Training

£420 +VAT

In-School Training Enquiry Form

Resource Package

Central Training