Inspire a positive maths culture

RAD Maths Champions help create an inspired culture that celebrates and promotes the day-to-day integration of mathematical language, concepts, games, careers, general knowledge and subject awareness.

Grow young maths leaders

Reduce maths anxiety

Inspire maths careers

Increase awareness of key maths concepts!

RAD Maths Champions is a pupil-led programme, where your pupil ‘Champions’ facilitate immersive and engaging maths based activities and games during lunch times, supporting their peers to gain a deeper awareness of key maths concepts.

RAD Maths Champions programme resources equip teachers with everything they need to successfully recruit and support RAD Maths Champions to be highly independent, motivated and passionate champions of all things maths!

The RAD Maths Champions Programme comes complete with 120+ resources including 40+ highly immersive and engaging RAD Maths activities. Each broken down into simple and accessible ‘small steps’ for adaptable delivery across KS1 & 2. This holistic approach helps make maths visible across the school through pupil leadership, celebration and rewards for engagement and participation

RAD Maths Champions are fully equipped with the training, resources and guidance needed to boost maths awareness and engagement across your school.

RAD Maths Champions Programme supports schools to:

Enable maths to be visible & celebrated
Reduce maths anxiety through fun
Inspire maths careers
Create pupil leadership opportunties

RAD Maths Champions Programme provides:

RAD Maths Champions Handbook

40+ Maths activities incl KS1 & 2 vocab lists

40+ Inspiring maths posters and resources

Management and organisation materials

Attitudes and behaviours questionnaire

Pupil leadership training and resources

Certificates for participation and engagement

Teachers’ Guide, virtual training & network

How to book


£195 +VAT




In-School Training Enquiry Form

Resource Package

Central Training