We believe every day is a school day!

Our Team

Elizabeth Clarke

Business Manager

Supporting the operational running of the company, responsible for finances, business management and HR. I feel privileged to work at such a high energy and innovative organisation dedicated to supporting teachers across the sector and expanding the opportunities available to our children and young people.

Ellen Sefton

Director, Trainer & Programmer

After 15 fantastic years working in a not-for-profit, developing a wide range of cross curricular and wrap around support programmes for some of our most vulnerable children across the UK, I became the Director of Operations at Evolution Learning Ltd. Built in 2021 after the alignment of hearts and minds to bring simplicity, energy and innovation to key areas of learning and as a means to support teachers at different stages throughout their career.

Passionate about empowerment for young people, breaking down barriers, raising awareness of bias and maximising on untapped potential, I authored Time to Shine. A resource to support young girls and help shine a practical light on some of the barriers girl are likely to face as they grow in to young women.

As a professional coach I believe in the strength of personal and team growth through a people first mindset.

Francis Lee

Trainer & School Improvement Consultant

After spending 7 years travelling the world with the Royal Air Force and the birth of my son, I chose to change career and join the teaching profession. Since joining education in 2012 I have specialised in Behaviour Management, Maths, D&T and Pupil Engagement for the wider sector. I have had the privilege of being a Deputy as well as Interim Headteacher at fantastic schools with some of the most dedicated and inspiring teachers and staff in the profession.

My passion for bringing energy, innovation and simplicity into teaching and learning, brought me out of schools and I joined Evolution Learning.